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We are excited to announce that Smith Grove Baptist Church will be going on a mission trip to West Virginia September 3rd-6th 2021. Some of our ministries there will include, church projects, hosting a Bible school for the local church, connecting with youth and local families and also providing food and water for needy families in the area through a local outreach group! We are so excited about this opportunity, we can’t wait to see how God uses our mission group this time! If you would like you can donate through our Facebook page to help support our mission team and provide food and water for the needy in West Virginia The area we are going In West Virginia people have no power and no water in the Mountains area . Any help that is provided is greatly appreciated! We will also send pictures back to you to let you see how your donation has been used to help those in West Virginia! Thank you so much for your support. Love in Christ… Smith Grove Mission Team! Below are pictures of last trip we took to WV. Local Churches delivered food, baby supplies, women's products to Gods Outreach Center. We feed 65 families with the food local churches and peoples donations. Please watch a lady testimony at the bottom on page who lives in WV. She live in Rv with no power no water. She  loves the Lord Jesus. IT IS A POWERFEULL TESTIMONY!

Message us for more information any donation can be brought by farm or to Smith Grove Church in Liberty SC







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