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Chicken Egg

How to Incubate and Hatch a Chicken Egg

If you’re looking for fertile eggs for sale to hatch at home, the incubation process is crucial for your success. First, you’ll need to find an incubator with a heat source that you can control as well as a thermostat to monitor the temperature. Make sure your eggs for sale are placed in an incubator with a fan to help circulate the air. Use a timer to turn your chicken egg periodically and set it up, allowing it to run for at least 24 hours before placing eggs inside. It should take around 21 full days for your chicken egg to hatch. Make sure you monitor the humidity so it’s at a safe level. When you purchase eggs for sale from our farm, we’ll help you come up with a healthy incubation plan.

For the first 18 days, you’ll turn your eggs by hand at least every eight hours or buy  incubator that turn the eggs atomically for you. The more often you turn the eggs, the better the odds are that they’ll hatch. Just remember that every time you open your incubator it loses a fair amount of heat and humidity. Leaving the eggs still can cause the embryo to stick the membrane inside the shell and kill it, so turning them regularly is crucial. Add water to your humidifier as needed during the first 18 days to keep them healthy. You should see a small dark spot within seven days, which indicates a healthy embryo is growing. By day 14, you should discard any eggs that don’t show embryo development. On day 18, stop turning your eggs by hand and allow the chicks to position themselves inside the egg to get ready for hatching. Increase your humidity level to about 65 to 70% and listen for peeps around day 21! Don’t remove them from the incubator until they are completely dry and have soft, fluffy feathers.

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