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Chicks For Sale

A Beginner's Guide to Baby Chickens for Sale

If you’re thinking of finding chicks for sale, the process can be challenging and confusing especially if you’re a beginner. When it comes to raising chickens on a budget, finding baby chickens for sale is cheaper than buying a hen that’s already laying eggs. A laying hen can cost between $20 and $35 or more, depending on the breed. When you find baby chicks for sale, you’ll pay a fraction of the price per bird. However, keep in mind that it costs money to raise your chicks. Make sure you give them proper shelter and provide them with plenty of food to keep them healthy and strong for about four to six months until they grow into a laying hen. While baby chicks don’t eat as much as hens, they do grow at a rapid pace, so make sure you have ample space for them to run around as they grow.

Once you find baby chickens for sale and make a purchase, it’s important to understand their needs. Certain breeds may be friendlier toward humans than others, so ask us about which breeds are best for homes with small children. Always handle your chickens gently so they become accustomed to human contact. Once you purchase the chicks for sale, they should begin to start laying eggs after around 22-24 weeks of age. Keep in mind that most hens produce their best eggs within the first year to 18 months of laying. With patience and the right environment, you can enjoy having chickens in your own backyard. As time goes on, you’ll not only enjoy their company, but you’ll also get to enjoy the reward of having your very own fresh eggs right from your own home. Visit us or contact us online to find out how you can buy baby chickens today!

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